13 days and 12 nights Spring Itinerary in South Korea (8 days in Seoul + 4 days in Busan +1 day in Jinhae)

I took my parents to South Korea for almost 2 weeks to celebrate my mom’s birthday. I already booked our airplane tickets and planned our trip (except the day trip to Jinhae) before I got the news that the cherry blossoms will be at full bloom in all of the places that we (originally) will go to – Seoul, Busan.

I went to Korea for 9 days last year, check out my 2018 itinerary.

This was not the first time my parents went to South Korea – they have been to Seoul already more than once so we decided to skip on the “usual” touristy places and the theme parks.

The first itinerary that I planned was Seoul – Busan – Seoul but after I soon added Jinhae to the itinerary since it was a highly recommended place to see cherry blossom trees.

Just like before, our main transportation in Seoul is subways while we rode the bus in Busan.

Summary of our stay –
Day 1 – 3 : Seoul
Day 4 – 8 : Busan (day trip to Jinhae during day 7)
Day 9 – 13 : Seoul

Now for a more detailed itinerary!
(Click the links attached per area to find out the step by step “how to go” guidelines of each place)

Day 1 (Seoul)



Day 2 (Seoul)



Day 3 (Seoul)



Day 4 (Busan)



Day 5 (Busan)



Day 6 (Busan)



Day 7 (Jinhae)



Day 8 (Busan)



Day 9 (Seoul)



Day 10 (Seoul)



Day 11 (Seoul)



Day 12 (Seoul)



Day 13 (Seoul)



all photos taken using an iPhone / Fujifilm X-T20 18-55 mm

Most used metro app during my time in Seoul : Most used app whenever I have to use the subway in Seoul (you can also use this in Busan) – my favorite so far

Best money exchange shop in Myeongdong : Best money exchange rate in Myeongdong – found our go to place with my dad (our favorite years ago)

Watch my Busan/Jinhae Travel Film:

Watch my Seoul Travel Film:

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