Most used app whenever I have to use the subway in Seoul (you can also use this in Busan) – my favorite so far

There are some people who would ask me – “Regine, what app do you use when you’re commuting in Seoul using the subway?” and I would tell them that I keep on changing subway apps or that I have a lot of subway apps pre loaded inside my phone.

Thankfully after our most recent trip, I finally found the metro app that gave me all the information I needed.

The metro app that I am loving is called KakaoMetro.

this is how the app looks like at the moment
as soon as you open the app, you will see the subway line
you can type in the station you want to check and the app will automatically save your search history

Things that I love about this app:

1. It gives you the accurate travel time
2. You can see the train schedule REAL TIME
3. You don’t need the internet to access this app
4. It tells you how much your ride costs
5. It can alert you when you’re a station away from getting down (just click the clock logo on the lower right)

the first option you can see is “fast route”
or you may also opt to choose the “simple route”
if you click the lower right circle from the previous photo, you can see your route visually
you can also expand the stops per line


One of the days while we were inside the train, my dad noticed that KakaoMetro can also be used in Busan if you will go around Busan via subway!

If you click the 3 lines on the upper left

Screen Shot 2019-04-13 at 2.38.04 AM.png

This is what you will see

You can still use the app and select different cities – Busan, Daegu, Gwangju, and Daejeon depending on where you’re heading

If you also notice below, there is a KakaoBus app.

Although I wasn’t able to try this app, I assume that it is equally as helpful as the KakaoMetro app for those who will go around exploring via bus.

Hopefully you’ll find this metro app useful as well during your stay in Seoul (or even Busan!)

💚, R

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