Best money exchange rate in Myeongdong – found our go-to place with my dad (our favorite years ago)

Few years back, I accompanied my dad to have our money exchanged in Myeongdong. He would always go to this specific shop because he said the rates are “the best” after comparing around the place.

Fast forward to last 2018, I tried to find the place when I went to Seoul with my friends but all I was faced was disappointment since I couldn’t find the place.

Come this 2019 when I took my parents to South Korea, I asked my dad to accompany and help me and find his favorite place to have my money exchanged.

Luck was on our side that day and we managed to find the shop!!!

How to find our the money exchange shop with the best rate in Myeongdong:

In Myeongdong, head over to Zara.

After finding Zara :

from the main street of Myeongdong, there is a small alley between Zara and Club Clio
walk towards that alley (for us we turned right)
you should be walking on the ally with the “side part” of Zara
just walk straight on the alley (Zara is on your right)
and you will see the money exchange on your right
This is the one!!! there are 2 money exchange shops in this alley with the same rate (confirmed after we had a whole day in Myeongdong). We just happened to chose this one since the other one was still not opened

Hope this post was able to help you!

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