Who is Regine and why she decided to make a blog

Hi, I’m Regine and I started blogging because I would often feel frustrated when I cannot find blog posts or articles on certain places or detailed directions on how to arrive at the place (not directions like walk 5minutes or walk north 500km) whenever I’m fixing my itineraries (our travels are always “DIY”s).

Out of constant frustration, one day I told myself “hey why not start a blog and write about the WHAT, WHERE and HOW TO GO of the places you’ve been to? You might be able to help someone out there ” and that’s how all of this began.

The photos on my blog are unfiltered photos because I want the reader to “see” how the place really looks like depending on the phone/camera that I use. (I’m so tired of expectations vs reality moments)

Taken using an iPhone!!!!

Processed with VSCO with c7 preset

I was born in the 90s and started traveling as early as 4 years old (thanks to my parents and grandparents) and loved it ever since.

Say hello to 4 years old me! my first trip was in Hong Kong. This was taken in Ocean Park.

Traveling makes me happy since it helps me discover new things and understand different cultures. I also love stars so I decided to make my username (and website URL) “starsofheaven” for all my social media accounts.

I’m based in Manila, Philippines. I have an undergraduate degree in BS Marketing Management from De La Salle University and a master’s degree in Entrepreneurship from Ateneo Graduate School of Business. I also completed and finished a certificate course regarding Jewelry Appraisal and basic Gemology.

Oh, I’m also obsessed with anything related to Korea since I was 16 years old.

If you have any inquiries, you can email me: regine.starsofheaven@gmail.com
or follow me on twitter/instagram @starsofheaven

** Unforgettable moment so far: Towards the end of 2016 and New Year’s of 2017, I was able to tick off the top of my bucket list! I finally saw the Aurora Borealis 💚