Common Ground (How to go)

Common Ground was actually just near our Airbnb, we pass by the place when we leave or go back to our place.

For those who would want to visit Common Ground, I still wrote down and took photos on the “how to” go.

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 11.03.49 PM.png

1. Get down at Konkuk University (line 2/7)

2. Go out of exit 6

3. Walk straight

4. You’ll immediately see the container in front


IMG_5883IMG_5884IMG_5890IMG_5891IMG_5892IMG_5893IMG_5894IMG_5896IMG_5897IMG_5898IMG_5899all photos taken using an iPhone

There are a lot of food stalls outside Common Ground and shops inside!! (We just didn’t have the time to check out what merchs Common Ground offers 😭

Since you’ll be at the area, if you have extra time find our fave waffle place! Check this post to see how to find The Waffle and how the store looks like on the outside!

πŸ’š, R

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