Seoul: Where to stay (Airbnb at Konkuk University area)

Recently went back to Seoul for spring season! It’s actually my fourth time visiting the place but I keep on falling in love every single time ❤️️

For this trip, we stayed in South Korea for 9 days, we wanted to save a little with lodging and so we tried to look up places in Airbnb!

We booked here ->

Jerry was a wonderful host! His room is super filled with details on how to use each item and he will send a handbook to your email before your trip on how to commute to his place!! Definitely gave him a 5 star!

This is how the room looks like!


The place is quite small for 3 people but we made do! We weren’t that picky with where we will stay as long as the place has hot water and WIFI.

The good thing about our place is that there are a lot of restaurants around the place.
During one of our nights, we decided to eat at a KBBQ place!


But, our favorite thing about staying at Jerry’s place is that THERE IS A WAFFLE PLACE NEARBY!! Not exaggerating but it is definitely THE BEST WAFFLE I HAVE EVER TASTED!! We would buy their waffle almost everyday!! My friend even took home 2 boxes!

How to find The Waffle:
1. Get down at Konkuk University
2. Go out of exit 6 and walk straight
3. Turn left on the first street that you can
4. Walk straight
5. You’ll see stall on your right side

Store hours: 9am – 11pm


they have various toppings! took this photo when they were just freshly baked out! based on my memory the flavors they have are: plain, blueberry, cream cheese, chocolate, strawberry


we even do midnight waffle runs!

all photos taken using an iPhone

Comment down below if you are considering booking at Jerry’s place and you have inquiries 💖

💚, R

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