Visiting Seokchon Lake and Lotte World theme park during Cherry Blossom season (How to go and what can you expect)

During our trip to Seoul, I had a friend who was also there the same time as we did and he was able to visit the prettiest path for cherry blossoms! I immediately messaged him where it was and good thing was it was just outside Lotte World! We already had plans to go to Lotte World for the day so we peeked by Seokchon Lake before heading in the theme park.

Seokchon Lake

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 11.18.51 PM.png

1. Get down at Jamsil (line 2/8)

2. Go out of exit 3

3. Walk straight and cross 2 pedestrians

4. You’ll see the pathyway on your right(er) side

IMG_5953IMG_5954IMG_5956IMG_5960IMG_5965IMG_5966IMG_5967IMG_5971IMG_5976IMG_5979IMG_5983all photos taken using an iPhone

Lotte World

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 11.18.51 PM1. Same station as Seokchon Lake – Jamsil (line 2/8)

2. Since I booked my tickets at Klook, I have to first claim my tickets at the Lotte World’s South Gate.

How to go to South Gate from Jamsil:

look for this sign, it says “Adventure(SOUTH GATE….”

There are multiple signs where “South Gate” is written so just follow the signs:


ride the escelator
about face and look at your right(er) side, you’ll see the sign and entrance


enter the Group Admission’s door/room to claim your tickets from Klook

IMG_5993.JPGall photos taken using an iPhone

Lotte World is a mixture of an indoor and outdoor theme park. Lotte World is usually a theme park for young people so if you are not an avid adrenaline junkie fan, I suggest you go to Lotte World instead of Everland.

indoor theme park


there is also an ice skating rink!
theme park map
you have to go to Magic Island to go to the outdoor part


perfect view since the pathway was filled with cherry blossoms!


view from Lotte World!


try having lunch at Arirang Cafe! Their bibimbap was one of our fave during the trip

There is a pathway we discovered if you exit from Magic Island which is perfect for cherry blossom viewing if you get to catch them when they bloom!


This place definitely should be on your list if you’re in Seoul just in time to catch the cherry blossoms!

💚, R

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