Van Gogh Alive – The Experience in Hong Kong (Where to purchase tickets, how to go, and what to expect)


I was ecstatic when I came across an article saying that Van Gogh Alive will be arriving in Hong Kong!

The exhibit will be from April 6 to July 7, 2019 – and it just so happened that I will be in Hong Kong during the exhibit duration!! My mom loves Van Gogh and my dad loves going to art exhibits so convincing my parents to go with me wasn’t that hard.

I bought my tickets in advance from this site –

Each ticket costs HKD$230 for adults over 15 years old. Other ticket prices per age can be found on the website that I linked above.

Booking tickets is very easy as there is an English translation on the website. You can also see how many slots are still available on the day you are planning to visit, which can be a big help if you are planning to visit and you wish to go with the “least” people.

After buying your tickets it will be emailed to the email you entered and it will be 1 ticket is to 1 person. The ticket will look like this:

No need to print it, you can just save the photo and show it to the person as they will just scan the barcode on the right side of the ticket.


How to go to Van Gogh Alive – The Experience:

The exhibit is located in FT Life Tower so get down at

1. Kowloon Bay station
2. Exit A

find the “exit A” sign
and follow the arrows, you should see the “FTLife Tower” word
ride the escalator up
and just keep on walking forward
at the end there are stairs heading down, go down the stairs
and walk under the tunnel
on your left, there will be stairs heading down
go down the stairs
view when you get out, DO NOT CROSS THE OTHER SIDE
just walk towards the right curve
from here you can already see FTLife Tower (just like my dad)
glimpse of the Van Gogh Alive on the LED screen
we decided to cross the pedestrian in front of us but there are 2 pedestrians where you can cross- you can choose whichever one you’d like


just follow the arrow towards the entrance

I wasn’t able to take a photo where you will line up since we arrived near the time we booked!


You’ll be directed to ride an elevator up to the 1F and they’ll scan the barcode on the ticket (the one that will be emailed to you) before you can enter.

Here are some photos and videos I that I was able to take!! Enjoy!







We spent a good amount of time here just enjoying the whole experience before we decided it was time to leave. We took some last minute photos outside Gallery 1 and 2.

perhaps my favorite quote so far
there’s an “ear” before you head over to the exit (it was a representation of the ear that Vincent had cut off)
lol my dad really wanted to get a photo of me looking like the ear was MY ear.

all photos taken using an iPhone / Fujifilm X-T20 18-55 mm

Although the Hong Kong version wasn’t as grand as the videos I’ve seen at their Europe leg but I was so happy to have experienced it. I was literally teary eyed the whole time as I took my time to enjoy Van Gogh’s work.

Would I recommend this? Y E S! Especially if you’re a fan of Van Gogh.

💚, R

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