Busan: Where to stay (Canvas Hostel) *booked again with a different room (How to go, what to expect, and a Korean BBQ place that serves Iberico pork)

It’s not my first time staying with Canvas Hostel. I stayed here with my friends last 2018 and I was very happy with the location. It was near bus stops and walking to Haeundae Beach only took me 5 minutes.

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Post includes:
1. How to go to Canvas Hostel from Busan Station
2. What bus we rode
3. How the lobby and our room looked like

While booking our stay, there were already almost at maximum occupancy (I booked around 3-4 months before our trip). There was only 1 room left for 3 during the duration of our stay.

One thing I discovered while booking our stay at Canvas was that it is cheaper to book via Agoda than Airbnb! Also, Airbnb showed me that there were 0 rooms available while Agoda showed me that there was 1 room left.

* Book Canvas Hostel via Agoda

Without giving me much choice, I had to book their Luxury family room.

Dislike about our stay:
I only have 2 criteria when I’m booking rooms
1. Hot water inside the shower

Although I didn’t have much problem with the first criteria, there was NO WIFI inside our room!! The only place where you could have decent wifi is at the lobby. We had to rely on the pocket wifi that we brought with us.

Even if the room was bigger, I preferred our smaller room during our first time in Canvas.


the room was definitely way bigger
than where we booked before
super huge room
enough space for 3


sink is separated
from the toilet
and shower
and there was a remote for the A/C unlike our previous room!

My dad loves to explore around and while taking a walk, he noticed a restaurant near Canvas that offers Iberico pork and they will cook it KBBQ style!

Since my dad just discovered this place, I can’t share the “how to go” with you 🙁
but this is the restaurant name: 051 우리동네

If you’re staying at Canvas, maybe you can ask help from whoever is in charge of reception! They will be kind enough to help.




I think we got the pork neck and pork cheek
it was one of our fave KBBQ restaurant during the trip

IMG_3142IMG_3143IMG_3144all photos taken using an iPhone 

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