Gwangandaegyo/Gwangalli Beach – NCT 127 Johnny went here! (What to expect and a good KBBQ restaurant near the beach!)

✨2022 UPDATE✨

I went back to Gwangandaegyo/Gwangalli Beach when I went back to Busan since I wasn’t able to see the place during the day.

I was able to clearly see the cafes across
originally, I was supposed to go to Cafe Cha Sun Cheak (the one above bar oasis) while waiting for the sunset but the seats near the window were full
so my mom and I decided to just stay at the beach area for a while

*tried copying Johnny’s pose lol, it was hard because my foot kept on sinking into the sand

we decided to stay at Caffee Pascucci instead
I took this time to take proper photos of how you can find the restaurant I mentioned earlier! You’ll see a huge Gong Cha across Gwangandaegyo/Gwangalli Beach
all you have to do is walk towards to road from the Gong Cha store

as you keep on walking
you will eventually reach the restaurant on your left
unfortunately for us, the restaurant was closed when we went there 🙁 We don’t know why it was closed.
so we had no choice but to eat at the restaurant across from, we walked around to see if we’d want to eat at other places but it was mostly cafes and pubs

This restaurant only serves pork. We really wanted to get beef but we were tired to try and find a beef 갈비 place😔

Not gonna lie, nothing special about the restaurant and the food. We just didn’t have a choice on where to eat 🥹

all photos were taken using an iPhone 13 Pro Max / Fujifilm X-T20 18-55 mm

Upon checking how far you have to walk to Gwangandaegyo / Gwangalli Beach via subway or bus, my parents opted to take the cab instead. They were already tired that day and didn’t want to do a lot of walking,

Upon dropping us off in front of Gwangandaegyo/Gwangalli Beach, we walked around to find a restaurant to have our dinner.

We stumbled upon this KBBQ restaurant – 꽃보다소 near the beach.

We were supposed to come back here for lunch but after asking for help from the receptionist from Canvas Hostel, we learned that the restaurant is only open from 3:30 PM – 2 AM.

what your view should be from the restaurant
it’s across Hotel SunCity
how the place looks from outside


there weren’t a lot of people when we had dinner but the place was packed when we were about to finish
no English menu so we had to rely on my super basic Korean skills


we ordered 2 wang galbi
and samgyeposal (you can skip this)
ordered another wang galbi because it was good!
see the place was packed!
their calling card!
this is their exact place

After having dinner, we walked around Gwangandaegyo/Gwangalli Beach for a few minutes before heading back.

DSCF2770DSCF2772all photos were taken using an iPhone / Fujifilm X-T20 18-55 mm

NCT 127 Johnny went here !!!


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  1. Hi

    Im interested with the BBQ restaurant u shared, mind to tell me the english name of the restaurant? or how to find it on the maps?

    1. Hi Gerry, maybe you can try and find Hotel Suncity on the maps. I wrote that the restaurant is just accross the hotel 🙂 sadly there is no English name of the restaurant 🙁

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