Seoul: Where to stay (Dongdaemun Golden City Hotel)

I finally decided to come back to Seoul after skipping on it last 2022. I initially booked this trip because I wanted to see cherry blossoms again but unfortunately, they were already gone by the time I was there 🥲.

The only redeeming factor about this trip was that I was FINALLY able to experience an NCT pop-up store and was able to see the Everland x SMTown collaboration.

I initially wanted to book a room under Hotel the Designers but the prices were too high for me since I was paying for this trip again😆. After browsing through Agoda, I came across Dongdaemun Golden City Hotel!

Agoda link : Dongdaemun Golden City Hotel

My only checklist for a room was a bathroom that has a shower head because I’m having a hard time already taking a bath with me having to hold the shower 😅.

Checking out Google Maps, I saw that there was a convenience store right beside the hotel and the subway and bus stops are near the hotel so it was a perfect choice for me!

Coming from the airport, we took the subway to the hotel! Not gonna lie, I was super dependent on Naver Maps during this trip!

super detailed!

don’t worry! there’s an elevator for your luggage

but the elevator is from exit 2 so this will be your view if you ride the elevator
all you have to do is turn left coming out and cross the street!
it will immediately take you to exit 1

all you have to do is keep on walking straight

bit of a walk but it’s not that bad!!
once you see CU you’re already there!
yaaay arrived!
there’s a cafe too beside but we never went to the cafe 😭
made it!

I booked a Standard Double Room during our stay and this is what our room looked like! I was so glad that I booked this hotel! The only thing or only downside that I didn’t like was there were only a few sockets and they were so far from me or where I needed them. Bring extension cords if you’ll be booking here too!

love how the room was big enough for the both of us to open our luggages!

was worried at first that the shower would flood the bathroom but surprisingly it didn’t!

Reasons why I love this hotel or why this hotel will be my new favorite hotel for Seoul –

  1. Close to a subway station
  2. Close to a bus stop
  3. Walking distance to my favorite restaurants/bakeshop – Paris Baguette,신마포갈매기, BBQ Olive Chicken

I mean what more can I ask for 😭

Restaurants near the hotel – how to go!

A. Paris Baguette / 신마포갈매기 / 치커리생구이 (@real_beefhouse)

  • Paris Baguette / 신마포갈매기
just less than 15 min walk from the hotel!
as soon as you come out , you will be walking towards your right (caffe bene side)
and you’ll cross the first pedestrian towards your left
as soon as you cross, you will immediately cross the pedestrian on your right

and you’ll just keep on walking straight from this point!
you’ll see Paris Baguette on the corner 🥹
hehe fave bakeshop for my fave bread!
anyway you’ll immediately turn left after you pass by Paris Baguette
and you’ll just keep on walking straight
just keep walking straight until
you’ll see Mega Coffee
it’s just beside it!

gosh been thinking about their egg and kimchi since 2019

rib finger dish is still the best choice in our opinion!
  • 치커리생구이 (@real_beefhouse on Instagram)

We were supposed to have dinner at 신마포갈매기 after Everland but unfortunately, the restaurant was already closed for the night 😩. We decided to walk around the area to look for a restaurant and we’re glad 신마포갈매기 was closed because we discovered a good Samgyeopsal restaurant near 신마포갈매기!

the restaurant is before the crossroad heading towards 신마포갈매기

how the restaurant exterior looks like!
the owner was so nice to still cater to us even if it seems like his store was already closed 🥺
their Instagram! I think they get mixed up with a different restaurant

exact address

not gonna lie, this is one of the best Samgyeopsal I’ve had during this trip!

B. BBQ Olive Chicken

we wanted something light before our early morning flight back home so we decided to just get chicken instead, I went to google to check if there was a branch near us
and THERE WAS A BRANCH NEAR US plus it was just 3 minutes away from the hotel!
coming out from the hotel, you’ll turn left (CU side) and you’ll keep on walking straight
until you pass by the first street where you can walk left
you’ll turn left here
it’s a bit creepy because you’d think “the restaurant is here????” but you just gotta trust Naver Maps
once you reach the end of the road, you’ll turn right
yes the restaurant is just here hahaha
you’ll see the sign on your right!
you made it!

didn’t notice the cafe word when we arrived, I only noticed when I was looking at the photos back home lol
they said they weren’t open and that we can only do take-outs, which works fine for us!
got the chicken!
and we ate inside the hotel room☺️

all photos were taken using an iPhone 13 Pro Max

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💚, R

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