Onion Seongsu (How to go, what to expect)

The most talked about cafe on Tiktok, at least for my for you page – Onion. Everyone who was going to Seoul kept on posting about Onion cafe but the Anguk branch.

Seeing how everyone kept on posting the cafe and the horrendous number of people when they go there, I decided to skip their Anguk branch 😭. Thankfully they have more than one branch so that I can try what the rave was all about!

How to go to Onion Seongsu:

1. Get down at Seongsu Station (line 2)
2. Get out from exit 2

as soon as you get down from the escalator, you’ll see this view!
keep on walking straight
just keep on walking straight
until you cross the second pedestrian you see after exit 2
you’ll actually spot Onion on your left!

so all you have to do is turn left
and just keep on walking straight
until you end up in Onion!

how it looks like on the inside!

there’s an area across where you can sit and they also have a rooftop area! Didn’t go to the rooftop area already because the wind was so strong that day😆
I decided to get a croissant
Mom decided to try their signature pastry
we took some snaps before
and after visiting the cafe!

all photos were taken using an iPhone 13 Pro Max / Fujifilm X-T20 18-55 mm

Well, is it worth the hype? I guess if you’re a fan of sweet pastries, yes. If you’re like me who’s not a fan of sweets or is used to dark roasted beans then I guess you can skip this cafe, unless you want to take photos!

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💚, R

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