Peaches. by D8NE – Eating at Downtowner Burger, NCT 127 2 Baddies Pop-up was located here! (How to go, what to expect)

We only had breakfast at Onion cafe and since we were already in the Seongsu area I decided to pass by Peaches! It was just the same area but a different exit!

How to go to Peaches by D8NE :

1. Get down at Seongsu Station (line 2)
2. Get out from exit 4

you’ll just keep on walking straight
until you reach this corner (the one with parking on the building)
then you’ll enter the street on your left
and you’ll just keep on walking straight
you’re not lost, you’ll see Peaches on your right!
easy to spot the place since it has the word Peaches. and pink color

I was so happy to be here even if the pop-up was already over! At least I was able to see what the place looks like πŸ˜†.

there are a lot of signs so all you got to do is follow!

there’s also a gelato store but we didn’t try
entrance to the place itself is across this car!

I bet the place looked so amazing during the 2 Baddies pop-up πŸ₯Ή
there’s also a Knotted branch here just in case you guys want to try their donuts!

but for the day, we were there for the burgers!

There were not a lot of people during the time we went there so we didn’t need to line up!

I’m so so sorry I forgot to take a photo of the menu 😭 I was so hungry already that I forgot to take a photo of their menu!!

If you want to take a look at their menu, found a website that shows what they have to offer. Their menu also has English words so you don’t have to worry!

you order first before sitting down! no cash, payment is only by card

Both my mom and I got the Cheese Burger and some fries.

Wanted to try Downtowner because NCT Johnny mentioned that he had take-outs from Downtowner! He got Bacon Cheese Burger and Spicy Chipotle Fries! He sent the message through Bubble! I can’t post it for legal purposes so I’ll just post this photo hahahaha!

this is how I collect photocards recently! If there’s a photocard that I have a similar photo, I print my photo and buy the photocard πŸ˜†

before leaving, I just had to copy what Johnny did πŸ˜† I mean I was already there hahaha

all photos were taken using an iPhone 13 Pro Max / Fujifilm X-T20 18-55 mm

Burger was not bad, would want to try the Knotted donuts one day!!

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πŸ’š, R

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