Experiencing an NCT Pop-up Store – NCT CCOMAZ : Photo blog! (What to expect)

The highlight of this trip😭. I initially booked the trip to Seoul to catch some cherry blossoms but unfortunately, they were already gone by the time we were there. The cherry blossom season this 2023 was so so short 😔.

I was so sad knowing that I won’t be able to see any cherry blossoms anymore!! One day, my friend sent me that there were photos circulating that there would be a new pop-up!! I was not expecting that I’ll be able to catch the pop-up since people were saying that it might open in mid-April but they opened a day before I landed in Korea!! How lucky😭.

The pop-up store was located in Understand Avenue which is right beside D Tower (SM’s new office) and Seoul Forest.

sharing some snaps of Understand Avenue

I think this is where they always have birthday cafes!

The pop-up was open to anyone! I initially thought that the slot I got online was for the pop-up itself but my friend said it was for the buying of MD!! So glad I was able to share how the pop-up looked like with my mom!

WayV dropped by I think a day before the opening so there were some areas with their autographs! I came here on my second day and the day before I flew out of Seoul!

Here’s a long photoblog of the pop-up – NCT CCOMAZ.

I was super grateful the moment I saw the pop-up😭

view from the second floor

where to line up to buy MDs! got a reservation for the night slot so that was where I lined up

the details were insane

I was really so happy to see everything!! I admire pop-ups because they get make sure everything is well thought of even the smallest details

took a photo of everyone’s concept for the CCOMAZ!

Kun’s my WayV bias 🥹

there’s two floors!

I was asking fans who were selling inside how much this was and they decided to just give it to me 😭

shirt design at the back😆

bought from the vending machine the second time I went back because when I decided to buy during the first visit, Johnny’s keyring was not available anymore 😔
but lucky me!! I only paid and chose one keychain but the machine pulled out two 😭
also tried this laundry gacha machine thingy during my second visit!

in my most GOM state 😭
we took some snaps!!!

I’m not gonna post it here but our photos came out so cute😭
free to print some photos!

all photos were taken using an iPhone 13 Pro Max / Fujifilm X-T20 18-55 mm

I was super super grateful and thankful to be able to experience this pop-up and that I was able to share this experience with my mom!! I was really floored by how detailed everything was and I was both fangirling about how they prepared everything for the pop-up and at the same time that it was an NCT pop-up.

I really hope everyone can experience a pop-up at least once in their life!!

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💚, R

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