Experiencing Everland x SMTOWN #EVERSMTOWN collaboration (What to expect)

I had 0, and no plans on going back to Everland since I’ve been there many times already BUT SM decided to do a collaboration during 2022.

I SIMPLY HAD TO GO 😭. I already shared how you can get to Everland and other details during my 2018 trip!

This post will be more of a photoblog!

excited to see the theme park with SMTown’s collaboration!
I wanted to check out the shop before going around but man
I was just standing there for a whole hour and the line WAS NOT MOVING 🥴 I decided to just leave and try to peak towards the end of the day
I already rode this ride many years ago so I know it would be so fun😭

my babies 🥹 Dreamies are my babies!!!
they left their autograph when they dropped by!
my favorite roller coaster in Asia!! (I think!)

went around before lining up!

it was filled with NCT 🥹 they also sold NCT and Aespa drinks with those characters on the straw but I wasn’t feeling like ordering one 🤣

can you imagine the effort??🥹 only took this photo because I was in a rush to ride T-express or should I say NCT-express😆
had lunch after!! I always ride roller coasters or intense rides before having lunch! don’t wanna puke now

was able to catch their tulip festival! same as before💓

found my twin? HAHAHA I think we look cute😌
gosh 🥹 I really wanted to see this place when they posted that they went to visit too!
I can’t believe I was able to see it 😭 I thought I won’t ever see this, my heart was really so happy!!

so tall 🫠

was SUPER DUPER HAPPYYY I was able to ride the one where John signed!!!
I’m just a simple girl 😭
selfie post ride!
took this photo for my friend!
I’m a responsible driver 🫡
saw Aespa’s garden

this chick thing has a special memory for my mom😆
one of my fave rides!
we had a quick pre-dinner HAHAH at KFC since my mom said she wanted to try their KFC
was able to FINALLY pass by the store before the day ended

I also accidentally saw their film strip!


all photos were taken using an iPhone 13 Pro Max / Fujifilm X-T20 18-55 mm

I didn’t want to go home during that time even if I know the sky is already dark. Despite coming to Everland a lot of times (guys istg I’ve been here A LOT of times 😭), what made this trip special was the collaboration of SM with the theme park. It’s both of your worlds colliding. I’m such a huge fan of roller coasters or any adrenaline-infused rides and here comes SM dressing up some rides with NCT.

Sometimes life can be so crazy you know? Who would have thought that this day would come? I didn’t even think this kind of collaboration is even possible 😆. I was so thankful during that day that I was and am able to experience these things in life. It makes me even more motivated to work hard.

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💚, R

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