Mil toast house (How to go, what to expect)

I already know and saw Mil toast house even pre-lockdown / pre-pandemic but I really never had the urge to go. I decided during this trip that I should go visit Mil toast house.

How to go to Mil toast house :

1. Get down at Jongno 3(sam)-ga Station (line 1,3,5)
2. Get out from exit 6

the exit towards exit 6 was a bit confusing but just follow signs that show you to exit 6!
there were a lot of stairs… more than the usual
finding exit 6 was really a bit challenging hahaha
but just keep on looking for signs that direct you to exit 6
your view as soon as you are almost out from exit 6
your view coming out from exit 6
you’ll actually do a U-turn and face your back because
you will be walking towards that direction and turn LEFT
into this little street
and when you see the fork, you will walk towards the LEFT (yes, I was able to see someone famous! I’ll post photos below!)
and you’ll just keep on walking in this alley
yeah just keep on walking straight
until you reach the end and continue walking LEFT
turn LEFT
and just keep on walking straight
you’ll see Mil toast house on your left!!!
made it

I was a bit shocked that the place was actually bigger than I expected
mom and I sat in this area!

when you’re ready to order, bring the menu and head towards the entrance to place your order
mom and I got the plain steam bread and some drip coffee! both were SO GOOD, especially the coffee!!!

After having a good breakfast, we decided to have lunch around the area before heading to the next place. We walked around to see where we can eat. After walking around, we decided to just have lunch at 익선세겹살 instead.

익선세겹살 was the restaurant at the end of the alley before you turn left heading to Mil toast house.

the owner guessed we were from the Philippines😆 she told us a few stories and gave these to us 🥹

had a new appreciation for heating kimchi

Once we were done with our meal, the road we were supposed to take to leave the place was a bit crowded. I told my mom that I think they’re starting to film from the setup we saw earlier.

Well, guess who I saw. Kang Hodong!!!! Super duper crazy!! I first saw Kang Hodong back when I was still in high school! I used to binge-watch Strong Heart!!

I’d wait for people to put subtitles and look for parts of the video just to be able to watch the full episode 🥹. Early 2000s K-fans I know you can relate 😭.

I was also so happy to see those white cameras being installed on the tables during shoots HAHAHAH.

all photos were taken using an iPhone 13 Pro Max

That was actually our last full day in Seoul and it was so memorable!

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💚, R

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