7 Days 6 Nights Itinerary in Bangkok (+how to claim your VAT refund at the airport)

The last time I was in Bangkok was 8 years ago! I’m so happy to be back and explore new places during this trip.

Scroll down to see our 7 days itinerary in Bangkok with my friends!

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

  • Coffee at Kerk : Bangkok: Where to stay (Airbnb at Silom area)
  • Lunch at Fuku Intown : Fuku Intown – Unlimited Salmon (How to go, what to expect and what do they offer)
  • Shop at Innisfree (same building as Fuku Intown) – Innisfree store in Thailand offers darker shades on their My Foundation line
  • Walked to Siam Paragon (walked back to Siam station from Fuku Intown and followed the sign to Siam Paragon)
  • Ate at the food court in Siam Paragon
  • Go back home to rest
  • Cab to Khao Shan – did not write about this because Khao Shan was once famous for their night life but my friends, who were in Bangkok a few years ago, mentioned that it wasn’t as fun as it was before
  • Dinner at a random restaurant in Khao Shan
  • Cab back to Airbnb

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

I can’t wait to be back in Bangkok even if it will only be a weekend trip because I already miss the food (especially their Pad Thai and the fried curry crab meat from Somboon Seafood) !!!

ps. if you went shopping in Bangkok and the items have a “vat/tax refund/rebate” keep the receipts (and probably some items) on your hand carry during your flight back

A. Inside the airport:

1. Look for the VAT refund booth
2. Show them your receipt with the paper attached for VAT refund
3. Have them stamp the VAT refund paper


B. After entering immigration, look for the VAT refund booth

1. Give them the VAT refund paper
2. Give them your passport
3. Wait for your refund

there are 2 areas where you can get your VAT refund (depending what gate your flight is)
How the rebate area looks like (sorry it’s blurry! I was in a hurry when I took this)

Watch my Bangkok Travel Film here!


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