Erawan Elephant Museum (How to go and what to expect)

It’s not my first time in Bangkok so I wanted to skip the usual touristy places and explore new places.

While scrolling through Instagram’s explore page, I accidentally saw someone’s post regarding a pink museum in Bangkok! Intrigued, I did my research about the place and I was so glad to find some decent information.

BE CAREFUL! Common mistakes when you google about the place is that there is also an Erawan Shrine when you try to google the place. This is not the same place as what I’m writing about. You have to type in either the word “elephant” or “museum” after Erawan. I will place the address below!!

Again, you can commute to Erawan shrine but the walk from the BTS train is 30 MINUTES!! Definitely not recommended for anyone since it’s very hot in Bangkok!!

My friends and I decided to take the cab (we booked through Grab) to Erawan Elephant Museum since it was crazy hot and we didn’t want to walk for a good 30 – 45 minutes to the shrine.

ps. Erawan Elephant Museum is open daily from 9 AM – 7 PM

There is a drop off point for cabs and a golf cart will fetch you there and take you to the entrance. I would suggest giving yourselves around 2 or 2.5 hours at the place and if possible tell your cab drive if he/she can wait for you since it was hard for us to book a cab back to the main city.

a golf cart will greet you at the place where the cab will park or drop you off
tickets are priced at 400 pesos (you can buy them thru Klook but I would recommend buying it at the venue itself because your plans might change during the day)

In case you want to or can schedule your trip to Bangkok, here is the link to Erawan Museum through Klook.

Klook offers a ticket combination of both Erawan Museum and Ancient Siam but there is an option to just choose Erawan Museum only.


as you enter, you cannot wear sleeveless or shorts above the knee. There are scarves and sarongs that you can borrow (for free)
you must leave your shoes outside and enter either barefoot or with your socks






there is an elevator that can take you to the floor up
and this is what you would see


there are actually three levels of the elephant museum which you could explore

all photos taken using an iPhone / Fujifilm X-A3 18-55 mm

If you want to explore a different type of place from the usual during your stay in Bangkok, I would highly recommend Erawan Elephant Museum! The details inside the museum was simply breathtaking.

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Erawan Elephant Museum
หมู่ที่ 1 99/9 Bang Mueang Mai, Mueang Samut Prakan District, Samut Prakan 10270, Thailand

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