SHOW DC – Idol Cafe (BTS Brick Cafe) is located here! (How to go and what to expect)

While I was making our Bangkok itinerary, I told my friends that I will have a “BIG BANG and BTS day” and that it’s okay if they didn’t accompany me since I wasn’t sure if they were interested. They didn’t even think twice in saying “yes” in accompanying me (thank you friends 😭)

I found blogs that mentioned that they rode the train to Show DC but it will be quite a walk from the station so we decided to take the cab (through Grab) to Show DC. I will put Show DC’s address down below!!

How Show DC looked like as soon as we got down the cab:

we were dropped at this entrance/exit point
and as soon as you enter, you’ll see the information booth immediately. This entrance/exit is the closes one to Idol Cafe (BTS Brick Cafe)

the other entrance/exit is near Gloria Jeans:


Before I started to panic in Idol Cafe (BTS Brick Cafe), we decided to go around Show DC first.


We (I) decided to go check out YG Republique on the 6th floor. Sad to say I was disappointed when we reached the 6th floor.


there were a lot of “coming soon”
and the 1/3 restaurants was the only one opened
and they all looked like they weren’t maintained well


After much disappointment from YG Republique, we decided to go down to the first level and have lunch. There wasn’t much restaurants that are opened in Show DC so we just randomly chose one.

My friends and I chose to have lunch at After Dark since Korean chicken sounded appetizing to us at the moment.

After Dark is near the entrance wherein you will see the information desk immediately.

Everyone ordered the “regular” on the menu (the one with 5 pieces of Korean Chicken).


Garlic Soy
Korean Chili

After having lunch at After Dark, it was time to go to IDOL CAFE (BTS BRICK CAFE) – the main reason why we went to Show DC!!

Here is how Idol Cafe (BTS Brick Cafe) looks like:


I was excited to try the waffles because they looked so good. I was not disappointed!!!


I decided to order the Cookie and Cream waffle


so happy to spend a good amount of 2 hours watching MVs and dancing with my best friend

No one was inside the cafe but us so I took the opportunity to take a photo WHERE JIMIN SAT when Bangtan went to visit the store!!


I also asked my best friend to take my photo on the lego wall just like Bangtan!!


There were also cups with Bangtan’s signature on display


I was happy that I was ticking off one Bangtan place at the time!!

I can’t wait to be back in Korea this April and visit more Bangtan places and share it with you on my blog.

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💚, R

Show DC
99/6-9 Chaturathit Rd, Khwaeng Bang Kapi, Khet Huai Khwang, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10310, Thailand

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  1. Thanks for this! My friend and I gotta go to Bangkok next week!
    This will be my first experience to travel outbound~
    Feel excited and can’t wait to go!!! >.<

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