Singapore: Where to stay (Hotel G)

Surprise? I went back to Singapore a month after I went there last May. Honestly, I didn’t have any plans to head back but I couldn’t let the chance pass by. So, I just closed my eyes and booked my airplane and hotel hahaha!

I had the privilege to watch NCT 127’s 2nd tour Neo City: Singapore – The Link but since I just came back from Singapore it was kind of a fly-in fly-out trip.

We were supposed to be a group of 4 but 2 of our friends canceled last minute.

They were the ones who decided to stay in Hotel G.

Agoda link : Hotel G

I wasn’t able to check the hotel clearly since I wasn’t the one who decided to stay in Hotel G. The place was just near Ibis Hotel Selegie, I think it was just a 5-minute walk.

The floor to walk outside the streets is a different floor from their lobby and where you will wait if ever you will be riding a Grab car or will be riding a cab. Not gonna lie it was confusing on the first day since we went to the wrong floor while waiting for our Grab to arrive.

We arrived in Singapore during the afternoon, my friend just had something to eat and I had coffee before we went to our hotel. We booked a Grab, as per usual ๐Ÿ˜ญ since commuting was not “friendly”.

This is where the Grab or cab will drop you off (I think this is L2)

It was SUCHHHH a hassle trying to locate our room since it was not your usual set up??

We got the – Great Room with twin beds! The room was okay, it was spacious
The room was enough for my friend and I

but the bathroom WAS SO TINY

The shower head was great though! I was so scared to flood the bathroom
the sink though was crazy small ๐Ÿ˜ญ I had such a hard time washing my face like it was so dang cramped

There wasn’t any 7/11 nearby, they had restaurants and a bar on the first floor (L1)

they had 25 degrees omg my fave from Bangkok BUUUT unfortunately they didn’t taste the same considering Singapore has good ingredients ๐Ÿ˜” Bangkok > Singapore

all photos were taken using an iPhone 11 Pro Max

I wasn’t able to ride the subway or bus during this short trip as we mostly took a Grab around!

Will I recommend this place? If you don’t mind a small sink then maybe yes!

If you’re trying to have a certain budget for your trip to Singapore, I would recommend staying at Ibis Hotel Selegie!

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๐Ÿ’š, R

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