Newton Hawker Centre / Food Centre (What to expect)

After coming back to the Philippines from my previous trip, I only knew that Newton Hawker was the one from Crazy Rich Asians. Well, luckily I had the chance to visit Newton Hawker when I went back to Singapore!

As we were headed to Newton Hawker, the only thing inside my head was ” I HOPE I GET TO EAT OYSTER CAKE” 😭.

We took a Grab to Newton Hawker since I was really tired from the trip that day. I had to work as soon as we landed and arrived at the hotel, and run some errands before we were able to head out.

I got stunned at the size of Newton Hawker. Maxwell Hawker looked freaking small.
The downside though I got confused on which stall to choose from since I think there was more than 1 stall selling the same food 😭
It was also hard to find a seat. We found a place at the back part of the place since there were fewer people there
I decided to order an oyster cake from this stall since it was the first stall that caught my eye as soon as we arrived
oh my look at her 🤤
I had this all for myself😭💘 I was so happy! I almost wasn’t able to order white rice though because the lady at the stall beside the oyster cake stall didn’t understand “white rice”, I had to speak in Mandarin before she understood I wanted white rice
we were lucky to be seated beside the drink stall! so the staff was kind enough to send the drink to our table
my friend had duck porridge!

all photos were taken using an iPhone 11 Pro Max

Now that I was able to go to both Newton and Maxwell Hawker, which one would I recommend? It depends!

If you’re an avid fan of Crazy Rich Asians, I think a trip to Newton Hawker would be worth it. But, if you just want to dine at a Hawker place then I think Maxwell Hawker would be okay as well! Just don’t arrive too late at Maxwell because the stalls close early. If you think you might arrive past 7 PM, then I think it would be better to head over to Newton Hawker instead.

Hope that helps!

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💚, R

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