Attending NCT 127 2nd Tour Neo City : Singapore – The Link ~ I saw myself at their Singapore Vlog!!!!!!!!

OMG, this second Singapore trip and this concert weren’t part of my 2022 plan. But, who am I to complain right! I’m seeing Johnny perform! I couldn’t say no!

For some of you, you guys already know that I started getting into NCT right before the world went on lockdown! I came across the group during their Neo Zone era and the rest was history.

Johnny was my first ever ult bias despite being a K-pop fan as early as 2008 so he was really someone different 😆.

The concert was held on July 2 in Singapore Indoor Stadium (SIS). Luckily, my friend was able to watch concerts already at SIS so we didn’t have a hard time going around.

We were required to download the Tracetogether app and scan the QR code once we were at the venue.

If you’re planning to watch a concert or an event in Singapore and the Tracetogether app is required, I highly suggest that you register PRE flight! It will look like this once you’re account is okay! Don’t forget you have to ACTIVATE the app once you get pass immigration
You’ll see that your status will change to “vaccinated”
Required to scan the QR code before you enter the venue!

Here are some shots from the concert!

For those who want to see the setlist, I’m placing it below so scroll down 💚

I was so excited to use these jeans! I bought the patch way back in 2020 and stitched it to my black pants
ehhehe tried to hide our mess
I met up with my Filo Nctzen friends!!
I met up with my Filo Nctzen friends pt 2! I was so happy!
I went with my friend!

so happy to be in a sea of green!

I see you!
You found meeee

Hi bubu!!!

all photos were taken using an iPhone 11 Pro Max

(I should have bought a new phone before the concert huhu my iPhone 11 Pro Max wasn’t enough)

I was sad that Yuta wasn’t there during the concert. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get another chance to be able to watch the 9 of them perform together !✨.


August 28, they posted 127’s Singapore Vlog. I was secretly hoping I might see myself since I was at the barricade towards the middle to the end of the show. Guess what, I WAS IN THE VLOG!!!

that’s me!!

this was the part!!
this is me from someone’s fancam of Johnny ! so easy to spot mee

Watch my Singapore Travel Film here!


💚, R

The setlist! Credits to the owner!

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