Peranakan Houses & Chin Mee Chin (What to expect)

We had one free day before we were going to fly back to the Philippines so I asked my friend if she had places she wanted to go. I didn’t have places that I wanted to go to since I had just gone to Singapore a few months before!

One of the places my friend wanted to go is to the Peranakan Houses. It’s those colorful houses you see on Instagram. We didn’t take the train or bus going here but we choose took a Grab.

There’s nothing much to see except the colored houses so don’t expect too much. There are cafes nearby but there are long lines outside the good cafes.

Peranakan Houses

all photos were taken using a Fujifilm X-T20 18-55 mm

We still haven’t had breakfast or lunch for that day and my friend had Chin Mee Chin on her list. We decided since we were in the area already to go visit Chin Mee Chin.

I just followed Google Maps, so sorry no how to go for this one since it was a bit far also for walking. I wanted to save up a bit so we walked instead of getting a Grab.

Not gonna lie, I had high hopes for this place since I’ll be having my first ever Kaya toast and Kopi-o. Unfortunately, when I tried the toast and coffee well you can say that I wasn’t a fan. My friend on the other hand said they taste okay so I guess it’s not for everyone!

Chin Mee Chin

you can only enter or get take-outs until 3:30 PM!

all photos were taken using an iPhone 11 Pro Max / Fujifilm X-T20 18-55 mm

If you’re a huge fan of kaya toast and kopi-o, you can definitely visit Chin Mee Chin but if you’re like me who’s not a fan of food that’s not too sweet and who’s used to iced Americano then you can totally skip on this place!

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