Masjid Sultan & Haji Lane (What to expect)

These places were also on my friend’s list! I don’t mind going since I haven’t been to these two places as well! I’m gonna be honest and say we didn’t do anything but take photos around the place. It was so hard to take photos since there are cars passing by like there was only 1 arc with a view of the Mosque and there are how many people taking a photo at the place.

So, coming from Chin Mee Chin we just took a Grab to Masjid Sultan!

Masjid Sultan

all photos were taken using an iPhone 11 Pro Max / Fujifilm X-T20 18-55 mm

Masjid Sultan was just near Haji Lane. My friend said the streets were a bit familiar so I just followed her as we walked to Haji Lane! It’s actually not far, maybe less than 5 min? Would recommend following Google Maps or asking locals around! I think Haji Lane was just a street away!

Same as our time Masjid Sultan, we had to wait before we could take a good photo around the mural because although Haji Lane was a big place, there are still limited areas where you could have your photos taken.

Haji Lane

I’d have to apologize because I only have a few photos of Haji Lane! I think either my body is still adjusting back to the whole travel/blog thing OR it was too hot I wasn’t having it 😭 I’m not used to traveling in a very hot weather

all photos were taken using an iPhone 11 Pro Max / Fujifilm X-T20 18-55 mm

We were running out of time so we couldn’t check the small shops or go get a drink around Haji Lane but would recommend this place if you have time to explore!

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