Maxwell Hawker Centre / Food Centre (What to expect)

I was craving oyster cake. All I could think about during my time in Singapore was oyster cake. After we went around Gardens by the Bay, I decided to go to Maxwell Hawker Centre since that was the only hawker centre I know.

Everyone talks about hawker centre around Singapore but I really don’t know which one they were talking about. I just did my research now while writing this post, if you guys are a huge fan of Crazy Rich Asians the hawker centre they went to was Newton Food Centre.

Anyway, we took a Grab, again, to Maxwell Hawker Centre since I honestly was so tired already. I think I got tired quicker during this trip since it was so hot. Bangkok weather was okay for me when I went there with my friends but I couldn’t take the heat in Singapore.

Good thing we booked a Grab because when we arrived around 7 PM almost EVERYTHING was already closed.

Story time!!

This was the stall where I bought oyster cake WHICH I almost wasn’t able to eat!!!

The old lady was already telling us to scram already but she was speaking in Cantonese and I don’t understand Cantonese as I can only introduce myself in Cantonese.

I was so lucky that the guy in front of me helped me BUT he can only speak in Mandarin so I was so grateful I know how to speak in Mandarin😭. He told the old lady that I wanted to get Fried Oyster and he told me that I was the last one who could order it since they were out of oysters. WHAT SHEER LUCK!?!!??!

I was so so happy! Cravings definitely satisfied! I was so thankful and grateful.

After lining up for oyster cake, I lined up for some Hainanese Chicken!

sorry for this poor quality photo, I was so tired and so hungry I just wanted to eat at that time
I got a chicken and rice meal for mom and me and we decided to share the oyster cake and ice tea!

It was such a long day but I was grateful for technology (getting a car or taxi was so easy because of Grab) and right timing (ALMOST MISSED OUT ON OYSTER CAKE!!!)

all photos were taken using an iPhone / Fujifilm X-T20 18-55 mm

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💚, R

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