Best Tony Moly store in Hong Kong because it’s always on SALE! (How to find this store)

I actually discovered this store last 2017 while I was walking inside the station with one of my best friends as we headed to Hong Kong Disneyland and Ngong Ping 360 (on separate days).

I already know about this store so I did not hoard on any Tony Moly products during our recent trip to Korea since I know I can do a lot of hoarding here in Hong Kong (plus my baggage allowance forbade me to do anymore hoarding in Korea).

For those living in MNL, it is definitely cheaper to buy here in this store compared to buying Tony Moly products in Manila (I already did my math).

Okay, so without further ado –
How to go to this store: 

This store is actually between the connecting/switching lines from Central Station to Hong Kong Station. You’ll definitely pass by this area if you will head to Hong Kong Disneyland, Tung Chung (Ngong Ping 360), Airport Express.

Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 11.51.43 PM
this is where it’s located from Hong Kong’s MTR map
Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 11.52.03 PM
it’s actually in this switching of lines
Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 11.52.11 PM
so looking at the map you’ll definitely pass by the place if you head to Hong Kong Disneyland, Ngong Ping 360 or the Airport Express

Okay so before heading to Disneyland Restort/Tung Chung Line or AsiaWorld-Expo Line, you’ll see this view:

see those different colored headers in front? if you already went pass them then you already missed the store because from this photo you can clearly see the store on the left
.. look at all the girls hoard those skin care products
they have a lot of face masks also for sale!
zooming in for the prices per pack!



they also sell make up for less
more face masks as you enter the “tiny” store (the place was too crowded so I took photos the best that I could)
their Ferment Snail Emulsion is on my holy grail list! you’ll know if you read thru my nighttime skin care routine (click me)

IMG_8151all photos taken using an iPhone

Hope this helps especially if you’re a Tony Moly fan (and would want to save up by spending less for the same product) 💖💖

💚, R

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