Spending halloween in Hong Kong Disneyland – First halloween themed Disney experience (How to go and what to expect)

This is my second time experiencing the halloween theme in Hong Kong Disneyland (the first one was back in 2014). However, this is actually the first time that I experienced it during the actual day for halloween – October 31st.

How to get to Hong Kong Disneyland: Go to Sunny Bay station and ride the Disneyland Resort Line. It will lead you directly to Hong Kong Disneyland.


first thing you’ll see as you exit the MTR station

IMG_2262IMG_2264IMG_2269IMG_2278IMG_2280IMG_2284.jpgall photos taken using an iPhone

My best friend booked our tickets from Klook so that we wouldn’t have to line up and buy tickets at the site itself.

At the entrance, we just gave the printed coupon to the staff and she scanned the barcode (which was included in the printed coupon). No need to go to the ticket booth and have it exchanged! Super hassle free ❤️️

As we entered the park, everything was designed to fit the halloween theme!




mirror mirror on the wall

IMG_1587IMG_1595IMG_1591IMG_1594all photos taken using an iPhone

After taking some “mandatory” tourist shots, we took our time to explore the park. Tho not much has changed since 2014, I think they just added the Iron Man ride and replaced the Buzz Lightyear theme in Tomorrowland with Star Wards and Iron Man.


ate at Starliner Diner for lunch! spot the Iron Man detail!


fun fact: you can wear any costume if you enter the park during Oct 31st! Sadly I only knew about this when I was already inside the park. I was actually itching to wear my Anna (Frozen) costume. Hopefully I’ll be able to come back when they open the rumored Frozen-themed area around the year 2020!

all photos taken using an iPhone

As the day was approaching to an end, we already knew that Disneyland had a special treat for their halloween themed special. We had dinner first at Plaza Inn while waiting for the Villains Night Out Parade vol 2.


the eyes on Jafar’s snake turns red at night (just like the cartoon!)


the whole park goes dark for the parade!

IMG_1648IMG_1665IMG_1652IMG_1702IMG_1707all photos taken using an iPhone

Last shot before heading home! (warning: bad photo quality because we only have our iPhones with us)

photo taken using an iPhone

Thankful that I got to spend halloween at the happiest place on earth with my best friend!

💚, R

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