Checking a bucket list with my best friend – Halloween Street Party at LKF

Attending a Halloween Street Party has been part of my bucket list ever since I watched a video of a halloween street party. It seemed so fun that I wanted to experience it.

Lucky for me, my best friend and I were in Hong Kong during Halloween time and Lan Kwai Fong (LKF) is definitely the place to be for street parties.

(Sadly) We didn’t have time to think of “cool costumes” since we really didn’t have a lot of time when we planned this trip. I just wore cat ears while my best friend wore mouse ears.

As soon as we went out exit C at Central Station, I was shocked to see that there were a lot of barricades and policemen guiding party goers to LKF. They were definitely so organized.

As soon as my best friend and I arrived at LKF, we “swam” with the crowd, admired some costumes, went bar hopping, enjoyed the music and danced the night away.

Here are some photos that I was able to take!


people were actually curious about our “ears”


spot the police pt 1


spot the police pt 2


CAPTAIN LEVI (yup I’m a huge Attack on Titan fan)


I was so happy to be able to tick off a part from my bucket list with my best friend! Hopefully it won’t be my last halloween street party!

Thank you Janine for going with me!

💚, R

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