Chasing three “Instagrammable” spots in Hong Kong (and how to find them)

Being a “millennial” that I am, I wanted my Instagram feed to be filled with pretty photos whenever I go on trips. I decided to go visit three places after doing some research where are the best spots to take “Instagrammable” photos in Hong Kong.

ps. I’ll be posting unedited photos so you’ll know how it really “looks like”

1. Hong Kong Cultural Centre

How to go: Ride the MTR until Tsim Sha Tsui station and exit at L6

IMG_1400IMG_1401IMG_2134.jpgall photos taken using an iPhone

You will immediately see the place as soon as you get out of L6!

IMG_1403IMG_1404IMG_2137.jpgIMG_2147IMG_2149IMG_2155all photos taken using an iPhone

As you walk further, this is what you’ll see!


this scene made me remember the palm trees in LA!

all photos taken using an iPhone

2. Choi Hung Estate

How to go:Ride the MTR until Choi Hung station and exit C3


after getting out of C3, you will “u turn” on your left and walk straight; you should be seeing this
walk straight! the site is actually above that parking lot
as soon as you enter you will see stairs on your left, go up until the rooftop


thank goodness we already finished taking photos before students arrived

all photos taken using an iPhone

3. Sai Wan Swimming Shed

How to go:Ride the MTR until Kennedy Town station and exit C

cross street to Smithfield Market and Cooked Food Centre
keep on walking straight until you see this street
turn left and cross street and keep on walking along Victoria Road (it will take you about 20 minutes to reach the venue)

all photos taken using an iPhone


take bus A10 or 971 and get down at Island West Transfer Station; Victoria Road or Caritas Jockey Club Hostel; Victoria Road

When you see this sign, go down:


when you see this little house there are stairs on the left, go down those stairs
yay finally arrived!


last look at the place before we leave
A for effort! someone even brought their luggage!

all photos taken using an iPhone

Hope this helps you with your “journey” in finding a good photo for Instagram while you’re in Hong Kong!
Share your photos with me if you decide to visit these places ❤️️

💚, R

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