Hong Kong: Where to stay (Ibis North Point Hotel)

This is actually my second time in Hong Kong this 2017. The trip was definitely not part of my “travel plan” for the year! It was a semi last minute trip that my best friend and I decided to do.

Since it was a spontaneous trip, we tried to control our budget esp with lodging. After doing some research on good budget hotels, we came across Ibis North Point Hotel.

I would highly recommend this place if you will travel by yourself or by two (they only offer 1-2 pax per room). The hotel is near a bus stop and a MTR station which we loved since we didn’t have a hard time commuting. There are also restaurants near the establishment.

Pros about the room: hot water, WIFI, towel change everyday, comfy bed

Cons about the room: Little space to move around, no free shampoo/conditioner – you have to bring your own

How to go to Ibis North Point Hotel from airport:
Ride the A11 bus. You will get down at the last stop – North Point Ferry Pier

after getting your suitcase and exiting the terminal, you should turn right and see this


when you go out, go to the right side since bus A11 is stationed there
line up at A11 “terminal”


all photos taken using an iPhone

As you get down on the last stop – North Point Ferry Pier, this is what you’ll see.

ps. this is also where you will go when you have to commute back to the airport.

turn left from this exit and walk straight
when you see this hotel you can cross the street on your right, walk straight until you reach Ibis. It should be on your left

all photos taken using an iPhone

You’ve reached your destination when you see this on your left:

photo taken using an iPhone

Upon entering, ride the elevator to level 1 where the concierge is located.

IMG_1377IMG_1378IMG_1379IMG_1381IMG_1380all photos taken using an iPhone

How the room looks like:

IMG_1382IMG_1388IMG_1383IMG_1385IMG_1384IMG_1389IMG_1386IMG_1387all photos taken using an iPhone

Ibis North Point Hotel is definitely a good option for a budget hotel during a short stay in Hong Kong.

Closest MTR station and exit: North Point station A1 exit
(This is just a few walks away from the hotel – turn left when you get out. You’ll be at the station in less than 2-3 minutes)

💚, R

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