Riding Greyhound from Vancouver to Squamish, Whistler and Vice Versa (Where to go and what to expect)

Part of our itinerary during our stay in Vancouver was to go to Squamish and Whistler but the days we allotted for these two places where during Christmas time. Hotels in Whistler was crazy expensive so we opted to stay in Squamish and just commute back and forth to Whistler (the commute from Squamish to Whistler will just take you less than an hour)

From Vancouver, you can drive to Squamish and Whistler but since the roads were slippery cause of the snow, my dad suggested we take the bus instead.

We decided to book with Greyhound (https://www.greyhound.ca/) and we bought our tickets on their site. Be careful while booking since there are a lot of Greyhound sites, you might get confused. If you want to book Greyhound for your trip within Canada you can click the link I placed above.

The tickets we got:
1. Vancouver-Squamish
2. Squamish-Whistler
3. Whistler-Squamish
4. Squamish-Vancouver

So coming from Vancouver, you can find the Greyhound terminal at Pacific Central (same as the where you will go if you’re going to ride Amtrack)

IMG_5192photo taken using an iPhone

We got lost as soon as the bus dropped us off Squamish. Without my brother’s google maps (thank God he has data and we were with him since he has a Canadian sim card) we would probably be stranded out of no where.

I don’t remember the specifics (sorry) but I remember taking a bus and walking towards our hotel.

This was our view as soon as the bus dropped us off at Squamish!
(we took time to appreciate the place first before we started to panic since we were lost)

IMG_5413IMG_5414all photos taken using an iPhone

Squamish bus stop

We got lucky since the bus stop for Squamish was just a 5 minute walk from our hotel (which I will write about on my next post).

The Greyhound terminal is actually just beside Tim Hortons which is a good thing since you could buy a snack or coffee before you head on to the bus.

Coming from Whistler, you will be dropped off at the same place so there’s no need to worry about “getting lost”.

Likewise, this place is also the same terminal when you’re heading back to Vancouver.



Greyhound waiting shed

all photos taken using an iPhone

Whistler bus stop

As soon as you go down the bus from Squamish, the Whistler Visitor Centre will be the first thing you will see.

The terminal will be the same when it’s time for you to head back to Squamish.

Tho a little advice especially if you’re heading during winter time; while waiting for the bus stay inside the Whistler Visitor Centre and constantly peek outside the window when it’s almost time for your bus to depart (this will of course depend on the time slot you booked)

view from the bus!
arrived in Whistler!

all photos taken using an iPhone

This is how to Whistler Visitor Centre will look like:


(so sorry, grabbed a photo again from Google)

Curious about what we did in Squamish and Whistler??

💚, R

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