Vancouver: Where to eat part 2

This is actually part 2 of my Vancouver: where to eat series! Again, just like part 1 I also placed the address below so you could easily find them! 1.ย Hanok Korean Restaurant BEST PLACE TO FIND KOREAN CHICKEN. We actually almost missed going here because we cannot fit it in our schedule but THANKFULLY something … Continue reading Vancouver: Where to eat part 2

Vancouver: Where to eat part 1

Most of these restaurants were actually recommended by my brother and most were around Richmond area so we would either walk to the restaurant or my brother would rent a car and drive us there. Almost all of the restaurants that we went to are stand-alonesย so there's nothing to do around the area that's why … Continue reading Vancouver: Where to eat part 1

Watching a movie in Cineplex Entertainment at Marine Gateway

We left early December and we weren't able to catch Star Wars: Rogue One when it was showing in Manila so my brother, my dad and I decided to catch it together while we were in Vancouver. My brother was excited for me to finally catch a movie in Vancouver because despite the price (watching … Continue reading Watching a movie in Cineplex Entertainment at Marine Gateway

Stanley Park and Downtown Vancouver

If you want a chill day in Vancouver, you can take it slow during first half of the day (or start fixing your luggages) come to Stanley Park when it's almost sunset then head to Downtown Vancouver at night. Stanley Park Towards the end of our trip, my brother suggested that we head to Stanley … Continue reading Stanley Park and Downtown Vancouver

Steveston Place and Granville Island

We actually went to these two places in one day, I don't know how we got here since ย my brother was the one who drove us here (he rented a car on his app). We are actually planning to come back to Steveston hopefully one day since we weren't able to go around much. Steveston … Continue reading Steveston Place and Granville Island

Capilano Suspension Bridge, and McArthur Glen Designer Outlet

I lumped these two places together because I feel like this can be done within a day but it might depend which place might come first especially if you'd want to see the Canyon Lights during the holidays. Canyon Lights at Capilano Suspension Bridge While doing research prior to our trip, I've stumbled upon articles … Continue reading Capilano Suspension Bridge, and McArthur Glen Designer Outlet

Gastown and UBC

We actually went on different dates to Gastown and UBC but I wanted to just lump together the places that you can go to in a day. We didn't really use public transportation much during our stay in Vancouver (my brother would just rent a car from his app) so I can't say how we … Continue reading Gastown and UBC

Vancouver: Where to stay

During our whole stay in Vancouver, we decided to book with Ramada Limited (Ramada Vancouver Airport Hotel) in Richmond since it was the nearest one to where my brother was staying. One of the things that I like about this hotel is that there is a free shuttle from the airport to the hotel itself … Continue reading Vancouver: Where to stay

Whistler: What to do and where to eat

Continuing from my Squamish post, I mentioned earlier that we allotted 2 days in Whistler. We didn't do much during the first day but we just went around the place and try to see what we can do the next day (huhu we didn't do much research before going to the place). What to do: … Continue reading Whistler: What to do and where to eat

Riding Greyhound

Part of our itinerary during our stay in Vancouver was to go to Squamish and Whistler but the days we allotted for these two places where during Christmas time. Hotels in Whistler was crazy expensive so we opted to stay in Squamish and just commute back and forth to Whistler (the commute from Squamish to … Continue reading Riding Greyhound