Tempura Makino まきの 天神橋四丁目店 Namba branch (How to go and what to expect)

This place has been on my feed every time someone goes to Japan so I told my friends that we HAVE to eat here 😆.

Their Namba branch was just a 4-minute walk from us so we decided to sleep longer that day since we were a bit tired from the flight.

How to go :

Coming out from our Airbnb

once you head out from the Airbnb
you will turn right – going to Family Mart direction
and walk straight
until you reach the main road
and you will turn left
and you will walk straight
yes, just keep walking
yes, you’re still on the right track
once you see BIC camera
you will turn left on the alley on your left AFTER BIC camera
yes, turn left
and keep on walking straight
until you enter this area
then you will immediately turn right
and you’ll keep on walking for a bit !!
restaurant is on your right
how it looks like on a wider POV!

There was a line when we arrived so we had to wait for a bit!

Upon entering the restaurant, they will immediately ask you to choose between Tempura Set Meal or Tendon.

The Tempura Set Meal is that you will be seated across the chef and they will serve your order immediately after frying them. Meanwhile, Tendon is where you will not be seated across from the chef and they will just serve your order.

My friends and I chose the Tempura Set Meal!

my friends got the set but since I don’t eat vegetables (😭) I had to order them piece by piece

After waiting for quite some time, we were finally taken to our seats.

tempura sauce and water are already prepared for you!

I decided to take these photocards since I took that photo (my photo) in Kuromon!

this Tamago-Ten is really something

all photos were taken using an iPhone

Definitely a must-try if you’re into Tempura!

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💚, R

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