Brooklyn Roasting Company Kitahama – Worth going for some coffee! (How to go and what to expect)

After we booked our flights to Osaka, I asked my friend if they had any places they wanted to go so that when I will be making the itinerary I could try to fix everything.

He requested that we visit one of the coffee shops on his list.

There were two coffee shop choices that were beside each other and were a bit close to Osaka Castle. He was choosing between Brooklyn Roasting Company Kitahama or Moto Coffee. In the end, he chose Brooklyn Roasting Company.

Coming from Tempura Makino, we rode the train to Brooklyn Roasting Company.

How to go to Brooklyn Roasting Company:

1. Get down at Kitahama Station
option lines –

2. Get out of exit 1-B (I know Google Maps said exit 30 but there was no exit 30 when I was there!)

just keep following signs toward 1-B
you’ll ride the escalator up, yes you’re still in the right direction
don’t be surprised (like me), you’re still at the same place, after you reach the end of the hallway you will turn right
you’ll see doors that will lead you to the street
I checked Google Maps at this point so it says if we head out we just need to walk straight, cross the street to the left and keep on walking straight – easy enough!

So as soon as you get out of the building

your view as soon as you exit
you will be turning to your right
and you’ll keep walking straight
until you see a pedestrian on your left! cross the pedestrian
and just walk for a bit
you’ll be able to spot the signage!
made it!

The cafe looks small when you enter but they have this area with a beautiful view of Osaka.

as soon as we entered, we went straight to the back
yes! this is the place where we want to have our coffee! I mean look at that view!
we got a place first before we ordered some coffee

I got an iced Americano and they asked me which beans I’d want, I chose the Dark & Stormy one

all photos were taken using an iPhone

I wasn’t able to take a lot of photos. I was busy enjoying my coffee, the weather, and the view. Would really recommend this place before you head to Osaka Castle if you have plans, or not! It’s definitely a cafe worth visiting.

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💚, R

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