Osaka: Where to stay (Airbnb near Kuromon Market Namba)

My friend really wanted to go on a trip so he was really waiting for airlines to do seat sales. He was also the one who looked for lodging!

The Airbnb was a bit far from the Dohtonbori area, and I still preferred the location where we stayed before.

What I liked about this listing though is that the room was quite big for three people.

I also had enough space to work, I didn’t have a hard time because I am small but my friend had a hard time since he was tall! On the other hand, Wifi was TERRIBLE. It did not even reach 10 Mbps so whenever I work it takes up so much time🥲.

Airbnb link :

Coming from the airport, we took the subway to the hotel and walked there!

you need to ride the escalator or elevator to the 2F
view once you get out! you need to cross the bridge and head over to the other side
you’ll be entering the train station here!
we rode the limited express!

since we’re riding the limited express, we need to pay extras for seats!

I’m so glad they had free wifi because NCT 127 was having their showcase for Fact Check 😭.

wifi on the train saving me
I was able to catch up 😭

We had to walk for a bit coming out from the station which was okay since the weather was not that hot. It would have been a different story if it was during summertime!

This is not the closest subway for the Airbnb but I didn’t want to change trains anymore since we were carrying our luggage that’s why I decided to get down here.

need to exit via the East Exit
gotta look for the central gate
you’ll exit here
and look for the East Exit

View from the exit! from this point, I followed Google Maps to find the place

Regine’s tip : I couldn’t find the address on Google Maps so I wrote Kuromonshako Parking Lot instead!

this is what the place looks like from the outside!
it’s across a parking area (Kuromonshako Parking Lot)
there’s a Family Mart nearby!

There are instructions on how to enter the building and how to get your room key.

didn’t know this place is actually considered a hotel lol hahahaa
this is where you’ll get the key
I honestly took SO LONG before I got the key out

We were located on the 8th floor!

behind this mirror is a place where you could place your shoes before you enter the room

towards the bathroom

just looks big from the photo but it was just okay for us

After leaving our things, we decided to head out since we were hungry!! My friend suggested having Yakitori at 鳥貴族 ナンバ店 (Torikizoku) since they close late.

It was a bit hard to take photos of how you could go there since it was already nighttime. The Torikizoku branch we went to was near the station exit (Namba Station East Exit) where we came out!

Torikizoku is at the basement part of the building

they have English menu!

The closest station to the Airbnb – Nipponbashi Station exit 8

  •  Sakaisuji Line (K17)
  •  Sennichimae Line (S17)

once you head out
you’ll turn right (towards Family Mart)
all you have to do is keep on walking straight
until you reach the main road
you’ll then turn left
and you’ll immediately see exit 8 on your right!

all photos were taken using an iPhone

Watch my Osaka travel film here!

💚, R

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