Vacances Cafe – NCT Dream shot Cafe 7 Dream here, NCT Johnny & Jaehyun went here too! (How to go, what to expect)

This was also part of the places I wanted to visit last spring but wasn’t able to. Glad I was able to finally squeeze it in!

How to go to Vacances Cafe :

1. Get down at Euljiro 1(il))-ga (line 2)
2. Get out from exit 2

follow the signs that will lead you to exit 2

your view as soon as you get out!
you’ll head left
and you’ll be turning left and entering the first street / alley you’ll see!
you’ll just walk that street
just keep walking
until you notice Paik’s Coffee and a tall building
yes this building
Vacances Cafe is actually located on the top floor
you’ll have to enter the building

and ride the elevator!
it’s on the 9th floor!

You’ll see this view as soon as the elevator door opens on the 9th floor!

it’s not the cafe immediately, there’s a door on the right side!

What to expect :

the place was soo bright and beautiful

I ordered the cinnamon waffle and iced americano! The cinnamon waffle WAS SO GOOD!! I’d recommend it!

please please get the cinnamon waffle!!
I can imagine the dreamies here 🥹
they have wifi so if you need to work , you can work here!

I can still remember how good the cinnamon waffle was
there were people taking photos also outside so I waited until they’re finish! the space is just small

everyone wanted to copy Jaehyun’s pose but it was dangerous that they had to put these signs 🥹

Dongren 🥹
realized how tall Johnny was when I took this photo hAHAHHA 😭

realized how tall Johnny was when I took this photo hAHAHHA 😭  

To be honest I don’t know how they were able to find this cafe because it was kind of hard to look for it? I didn’t know it was at the top floor of the building 😆 Kudos to whoever found this cafe!

all photos were taken using an iPhone 13 Pro Max / Fujifilm X-T20 18-55 mm

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💚, R

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