Seoul: Where to stay (Hotel Park Habio)

This was one of the hotels that was part of the package I was able to score for NCT Nation! We were assigned to Hotel Park Habio. The room was okay but it was a bit hard to find and the commute is a bit hard.

Would recommend it if you want a super chill and relaxing stay in Seoul, would not recommend it if you want to maximize your trip and go to a lot of places.

I didn’t take photos at the nearest bus stop (we didn’t take the subway) since I wouldn’t recommend this place for those who want to maximize their trip and go to a lot of places.

But, for those who do want to book here, this is the “best” way to get to places, via the bus!

as soon as we get out, I’d cross the street and turn right!
it’s a shorter walk than riding the subway

the room was big!

all photos were taken using an iPhone 13 Pro Max

There are a lot of restaurants around the building! For all the days that we were there, we would buy food and coffee from Starbucks. If it’s too late we would buy from the 7/11 across the hotel.

Watch my Seoul travel film here!

💚, R

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