Don’t Lxxk Up (How to go, What to expect)

This photo booth opened a few days after I left Seoul last April so I was a bit sad that I missed it! As soon as I booked my flight for this trip, I wrote down that I needed to come visit this place 😆.

We came from Musinsa Terrace and decided to walk to the photo booth place!

pls don’t copy me 😭 Naver Maps taught me a difficult path to walk to </3

I would recommend finding BBQ Chicken instead in Hongdae! This is the address – Mapo-gu, Jandari-ro 6-gil, 39 2층

Just walk the whole of Hongdae Street until you reach BBQ Chicken :

it would be better to walk the whole street until you see the BBQ Chicken building
the BBQ Chicken building
you’ll face the opposite way and walk towards the Banila Co and A Twosome Place street
all you have to do is follow the street
photo booth place should be seen on your left!

despite having a lot of people lined up, the turnover was kinda quick !

What to expect :

you can pay via cash or card!
there are some accessories for you to bring inside the booth! they also provide sleeves so you can store your strips properly!
You’ll pay through this machine! There’s an area to leave your items before you enter the room (was not able to take a photo because there’s a timer and we were rushing!)
there’s a door and you’ll enter there!
how the inside looks like!
you’ll be given 8 chances to take photos! my neck was hurting after 🤣

Would I do it again? If I was living in Seoul, I might but after a few months since my neck was really painful hahahaah 😭 It was something memorable to do though so at least try it at least once!

If you want to try this photo booth, they have other branches already aside from the Hongdae one 😄. They update the branches through their Instagram account –

After taking photos, we decided to eat at BBQ Chicken!

ordered our fave! just the classic / original one 🥹

all photos were taken using an iPhone 13 Pro Max

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💚, R

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