Musinsa Terrace (How to go, what to expect)

I came across some Instagram posts where you can see a good view of Seoul over at Musinsa Terrace! I wasn’t able to visit last time so I decided to make an effort to come here this time (plus I also needed a place to work).

How to go to Musinsa Terrace :

1. Get down at Hongik Univ Station (line 2, AREX, Gyeongui–Jungang Line)
2. Get out from exit 5

follow signs leading to exit 5
your view as soon as you get out!
I want to go to Cool Captures one day 🥹 or any themed photo place!
anyway as soon as you get out you will be turning right
and you will just follow the path!
you’ll see Holiday Inn and AK Plaza beside each other

you’ll head to AK Plaza but you can also enter Holiday Inn!
there are a lot of signs that will lead you to Musinsa Terrace
all you have to do is follow the signs!

there’s an elevator at the end of the corridor specifically for Musinsa Terrace
by specific I mean you can only go either the first floor or the 17th floor 😆
I had a hard time trying to find the cafe lol but it was behind this oval thing

I love the cafe because there weren’t a lot of people during that time and I had a good view of Seoul!

Look at the view! I was so stressed with work at that time and the view helped me to calm down

I got an iced Americano for my mom and me! I’m not a fan of pastries much so I didn’t order their dessert despite being a bit hungry at the time 🥺.

Cara John was there for support lol hahahaa

After finishing work during that time, I decided to go out to enjoy the wind, the view, and take some photos!

I bet this place would look so pretty during autumn and winter!!

If you love sitting down in bean bags, there’s an area for it!

there’s a table where you can put your drinks or food

all photos were taken using an iPhone 13 Pro Max / Fujifilm X-T20 18-55 mm

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💚, R

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