DOCE Mexican 도쎄멕시칸 (How to go, what to expect)

After a long long day, my mom and I were starving. We didn’t want to keep on having grilled food so we were deciding between Italian or Mexican food. The restaurant from our first choice – Italian cuisine was closed even if google said it was open😭. We had no choice but to head over to our second choice – Mexican food!

I was so tired that day that I forgot to take a photo of the exit near DOCE Mexican 😭.

How to go to DOCE Mexican :

1. Get down at Seoul Forest (line SB)
2. Get out from exit 2 (omg I’m so sorry for using a screenshot from Google 😭)

Coming out from exit 2, you’ll see the sign to DOCE Mexican!!

as you come out of exit 2, you’ll be going around the building

sorry it might look weird when you’re walking but just trust it!!!
just follow the curve of the building
you’ll see DOCE Mexican on your left!

The owner or well my mom and I think he’s the owner said that the restaurant closes in 20-30 minutes and we mentioned that we’ll make sure to eat fast!!

please we were the only ones inside the restaurant 😭
thank you sir for letting us dine in your restaurant
Mom and I ordered beef tacos and beef quesadillas!
when the food was served the guy told us to take our time so we won’t get indigestion😭 he was so nice
I’m so happy the Italian restaurant was closed because we had a gooood Mexican meal!! My mom said she remembers the Mexican dishes she used to eat in Cali!
HE EVEN GAVE US FREE GUAC😭 He said it was his favorite to add to the dishes 🫠 I was so happy that night

all photos were taken using an iPhone 13 Pro Max / Fujifilm X-T20 18-55 mm

You can check out their Instgaram page!! If you like Mexican food, super duper recommend this restaurant!

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💚, R

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