Ichiryu – grilled lamb restaurant with a Michelin star! (What to expect)

I came across an Instagram story about Ichiryu during I think 2022. I told myself that I need to come here during my next visit to Seoul because the lamb looks soooo good!

After looking through Google about Ichiryu –  이치류 I realized that it had a Michelin star!

We went around Hongdae area (like it was a big chunk of Hongdae since we went around looking at shops) so it was a bit hard to do the how-to go step by step!

Super recommend using Naver Maps though to find Ichiryu!

How you’ll see Ichiryu might be different from how I saw the sign! It will depend on which side of the road you’re coming from.
this is how the entrance should look like!

it’s honestly just a small space so if you’d like to try this place, it would be better to come early (they open at 5 PM Korean Standard Time)
as soon as you enter, you’ll see all these awards on the left
and there’s a small table where you’ll write your name for the waitlist
Since we were there during opening we didn’t have to wait! They have an area for waiting with benches!
the place was really small but I appreciate setups like this so the staff can focus and attend to you

wall full of autographs

I used a translating app (Papago) to distinguish what to order 😆
we also got rice along with the lamb! it was one of THE BEST lambs I’ve had 😭

the onion was so good too 😭
they kept on giving us onion and beansprouts (not in the photo) while we were eating

After your meal, you’ll be asked if you’re already finished eating. They’ll prepare a dish for you post-meal! We had a hard time trying to cross language barriers but we pulled through in the end😭.

this is what the staff prepared for us post-meal
us trying to cross the language barrier, they were so nice and were patient to help us understand 🥺
me trying to see what we were eating HAHAHAHA

all photos were taken using an iPhone 13 Pro Max / Fujifilm X-T20 18-55 mm

The meal was a bit on the expensive side but it was so good. I’m willing to come back here to splurge on at least one meal if I go back to Seoul!

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💚, R

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