Rendeja-Vous Haeundae (How to go, what to expect)

This was a bit close to where we are but we didn’t want to walk that time. We decided to take the bus!

How to go to Rendeja-Vous Haeundae :

coming out from the hotel, you will be facing the road towards the beach
cross the pedestrian and
immediately turn right
bus stop is there!
you’ll be taking bus 1003
just a few stops
as soon as you head down the bus stop
you will face you right and you’ll want to go straight
this area is a bit weird but just head straight, don’t do sharp turns
you want to head straight to the main road
you just have to walk on towards the main road! ✨trust the process✨
okay once you reach here, you will be turning a bit towards the left (because the road’s a curve)
and voila , you’ll be able to see the sea already from here (you’re on the right path)
now all you have to do is walk straight
you’ll already see the cafe on your left
that’s the sign
almost there
made it!

What to expect inside :

we had to climb the stairs to get here

we were lucky enough to find a table that faces the beach!
I got iced americano while my mom got hot, there were pastries and cakes being served but we weren’t feeling like ordering any 😭
where you can take photos!
but it was sooo hard for my mom to take a decent photo of me so I don’t have a photo in this corner 😆
this was probably the only decent one among all

This cafe was pretty but I was just a bit sad that there were windows. It would have been nice to drink coffee, have an ocean view, and enjoy the wind.

all photos were taken using an iPhone 13 Pro Max

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💚, R

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