Busan Sky Capsule / Beach Train – NCT Chenle Jisung went here! (How to go, what to expect)

Before flying to Busan, my friend already mentioned this new attraction. I was super excited to ride the Sky Capsule but since no one wrote how hard it was to get a slot well I wasn’t able to ride it.

But, all the more reasons to come back right!!

* 2023 UPDATE – FINALLY WAS ABLE TO RIDE IT!! I’ll be writing everything you need to know, how to book etc so you can scroll down so I can guide you every step of the way!*

How to go to the Sky Capsule (Mipo stop – this is the end stop) –

coming from Rendeja-Vous Haeundae :

coming from the cafe you will face the right side of the road (opposite the sea)
it’s just near the cafe and there’s a sign that will lead you there
if you see this, then you made it!
it was a bit of a walk, depending on how fast you walk but I’d give it probably a good 5-10 minutes

until you reach the station
some signs can help you with where you will line up
I was going to check the website since the line was insane and well to my surprise, EVERYTHING WAS SOLD OUT!!!!! There were only slots on the 14th but I was already going home that day 😩 (this screenshot is for the sky capsule, by the way!)

I think there was a chance for us to ride the Beach Train but I wanted to ride the Sky Capsule 😔.

** UPDATE!!! I was able to ride it in 2023, step by step below 🥹 **

How to buy tickets to Sky Capsule :

Link to the reservation page: https://www.bluelinepark.com/eng/booking.do

I didn’t print the ticket anymore, I just showed this screenshot

What’s the difference between the Sky Capsule and Beach Train :

Sky Capsule –

Sky capsule is like the Ferris wheel where you have the cart all by yourself (I think it can also fit up to 4 people)
photo from the Blue Line Park website

Beach Train –

The Beach train is like a subway, it can fit a lot of people and there is only a limited space for seating, the rest have to stand up
photo from the Blue Line Park website

I took some photos of how much they were and what is the line but they’re all in Korean. Didn’t hesitate and asked for an English brochure so I can share them here!

Apologies since I don’t have a scanner (sorry!) so I just took a photo using my phone.

I’d advise you to plan ahead if you want to ride the sky capsule because you’ll never know if you can ride it if you just go there.

you need to go to the 2nd floor if you want to ride the sky capsule!

I was really happy during this time like I’m FINALLY riding it

you can put your phone here and play music!

the whole ride was about 30 minutes
I took a lot of photos 🤣

all photos were taken using an iPhone 13 Pro Max and Fujifilm X-T20 18-55 mm

NCT Chenle and Jisung also went here for This and That Season 2 ep 15 (천지의 이것저것 시즌2 Ep.15). You can watch the episode here!

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💚, R

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