Exploring Seomyeon area (How to go, what to expect, where to eat)

The last time I was in Busan, I wasn’t able to explore Seomyeon. While making my itinerary, I made sure to not miss it this time around!

For me after going to Seomyeon, it feels like Hongdae less the busking.

How to go to Seomyeon area (going down at Lotte Department Store) :

face the street opposite the beach
keep on walking straight
as soon as you approach the roundabout
you will be heading towards the left
and you’ll continue to turn left
and just keep on walking straight
until you reach the first corner
then you will turn left
and keep on walking straight until
you reach the end of the street
you will cross the road
to reach the bus stop (that gas station has been there since 2018 so you can mark that as your landmark for the bus stop)
heading there, you’ll be riding bus 141
which is about 25 stops away
this was my view as soon as i got down
and Lotte Department Store was behind me
Hi, Jin💜

During that time, there wasn’t an area where we could cross the street. The street was under renovation so we had to go under to cross the department store.

don’t worry, you won’t get lost if you have to walk underground as well as there are plenty of signs
that will lead you to the department store
we headed straight to the food court because we were originally here to eat at JJ’s Lobster Bar again
but unfortunately, the restaurant closed down already.. so we decided to eat here instead since this was our “second dinner” before
my mom and I chose the same thing

After having our lunch at Lotte Department Store, we did not go around anymore. Mom and I decided to head out to explore the place.

during this time, I relied on Naver maps to find the ‘heart’ of the area (where most of the shops are located)
this was the exit where we came out from

we stumbled upon Daiso and of course
my mom had to go inside😂
after going around Daiso, we finally found the “heart” (LOL) of Samyeon
there are different shops here
may it be an international brand
or their local stores
we decided to grab a coffee as we were walking because we were both sooo sleepy
while we were randomly walking away from the center
I suddenly saw Dream’s poster so I told my mom “hey can we head over there, it looks like a music store”
o m g ?? I accidentally discovered a Power Station branch
I was so excited!!!
my OT10 heart💚
I was happy to see a lucky draw machine in real life lol
since I still don’t have a digipack, I bought one to remember my trip here! I pulled TY and Markie!
so glad I was able to catch them play 2 Baddies MV!
we wandered around the area more and came across this diner I read about this but I didn’t go in, maybe next time!

My mom and I were getting hungry from walking around so we tried to find where we could have dinner.

I was supposed to take her to a beer pub but it was a bit far. We were really hungry already so we walked around the area trying to find restaurants. Both of us decided to dine at 1984 Napoli (already closed ❌ but I will still recommend this restaurant! If you want to try it I think they moved to one branch left – you can check their Instagram . I will recommend a different restaurant around the area so keep scrolling down!).

I usually download Mango Plate before flying to Korea for restaurants! (my friend was the one who told me about the app)
it was mostly cafes and fast food so when I saw this restaurant, my mom and I both agreed on having dinner here

I think if there are a lot of people, you have to do reservations via this machine
but since there was no one yet when we arrived, we didn’t have to do the online reservation

we chose what to order on the screen beside our table
it was a good choice to eat here bec it was SO GOOD
the pizza was placed like this so they were able to keep the warmth
soooo good 😭 I want to come back to try their carbonara!!!

all photos were taken using an iPhone 13 Pro Max / Fujifilm X-T20 18-55 mm

* 2023 Update ! *

I went back a year later and after our failed attempt at looking for 1984 Napoli, we stumbled upon a different Italian restaurant where there was a long queue. The restaurant’s name is 이재모 Pizza or Lee Jae Mo Pizza.

there was a long line but we couldn’t sign up for queue since you need a Korean number so what we did was go in to tell them how many people will be dining in
exact address!
the place is actually huge
this was a first for us! so we’re used to ordering through a tablet
but South Korea is on another level already! you can pay for your meal immediately after ordering by swipping your credit card on the tablet
once you’re done ordering you’ll see your order summary at the end

this was good , it was a bit spicy but just the right amount!

we decided to order another pizza since we were a bit hungry and the small size was actually small for us three

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💚, R

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