Travel requirements from Philippines to Korea (as of Nov 7)

I just came back from my trip to Busan a few weeks ago! I wasn’t able to update my blog as soon as I arrived since I had so much work to catch up to.

There are people who already shared what you need in order to enter South Korea but I’m writing on my blog as well for those who don’t know the updated one!

Checklist before you can enter South Korea as of November 7 (writing down this date as this was the date I entered the country!)

  • Approved visa on your passport
  • QR code from their Q-code website

My multiple visa to South Korea was still active until March of 2024 so I don’t need to apply yet. I rode Philippine Airlines to Busan since it was the only airline that offered a straight flight from Manila to Busan and vice versa so I didn’t have any other options.

My friend told me to go to the airport early since the airline has to call the embassy to have my visa verified.

QR code from Q-code website –

The only time that I had a hard time with this website was entering the address (see screenshots below) part since you have to find a specific part of the address for it to push through. I suggest not doing this last minute so that if you do need help, you can ask for help from where you’re staying at!

After filling in the necessary details, you will see the QR code generated by the website as well as an email containing the same QR code.

The email you will receive will look like this! I advise that you save the screenshot beforehand because you might not be able to get wi-fi immediately when you land.

They won’t ask any questions but they will just scan the QR code and you are good to go!

Busan’s airport was smaller than the one in Seoul! Took some snaps just in case you’re curious!

all restaurants can be found before you enter immigration so don’t expect to find food inside

Watch my Busan Travel Film here!

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