Long Beach (Singapore Chili Crab) and RVLT (wine bar) (What to expect)

It has been YEARS since my mom went back to Singapore so the first thing on our list is for her to be able to have Singapore Chili Crab since this is her favorite!

My third cousin lives in Singapore, so we agreed to meet up with each other during the weekend. I asked him if he knew any good restaurants that served Singapore Chili Crab and he recommended Long Beach.

He said Long Beach was near to his favorite wine place which we were heading towards after we had dinner. We have this habit of like chasing after the bill like who gets to pay the bill but we were so tired of this “culture” that we decided that I pay for dinner and he pays for drinks.

After our first day in Singapore (we actually got lost HAHAHHA, I called the day my “adjustment day” since it has been SOOOOO long since I traveled), my cousin and I met at Long Beach – where I got lost again when I was trying to find the place hehehe.

The specific restaurant that we went to was Long Beach @ ROBERTSON QUAY.

I wasn’t able to take a lot of photos this day so I apologize since it was hot and I was honestly disappointed and sad about my “adjustment day” like I can’t believe I got lost a lot of times that day. It’s like I forgot how to travel (??) if that makes sense.

We got live oysters – I believe this is the sashimi one, IT WAS SO GOOD
we definitely got the famous chili crab (I believe this is the Air Flown Live Dungeness Crab, I’m not sure since my cousin helped us order this one)
we also got the deep fried baby squid with honey sauce since I wanted to have some squid
Even though it looks “few” for 3 people, it was surprisingly just right for us! We weren’t hungry or too full after the meal

If you’re interested in checking out Long Beach at Robertson Quay, you can check out this website – https://longbeachseafood.com.sg/. Seems like they have different branches if you hover over to their menu portion

After we had dinner, we were supposed to walk to RVLT but it was too hot so my cousin kindly booked a grab so we won’t have to walk far!

as soon as you enter, you’ll see different bottles of wine with different prices of how much a bottle cost. If you’re unsure of the wine you want to drink, you can tell the bartender or their staff what type of wine you prefer to drink so that they can recommend a bottle to you
the place was small but super chill, I’ll definitely come back here if I would be going back to Singapore!
the first bottle that we drank
second bottle that we drank

say hi to my mom and cousin!
I got so drunk I remembered only 50% of what happened

all photos were taken using an iPhone

You can check out RVLT or read more about the place through their website – https://www.winervlt.sg/.

I’m so glad my mom enjoyed the Singapore Chili Crab and that my cousin took us to his favorite wine place.

The time we had at Long Beach and RVLT was just pure fun, all of us were super chill and we were just catching up since it’s been years since we saw each other. I think I’d see my cousin every year at least since he would fly to the Philippines and we’d meet when he’s here.

They’re a good place to have dinner and drinks if you’re catching up with family and friends in Singapore or you can just go without catching up with anyone like if you’re a fan of Singapore chili crabs and chill wine places.

I advise to do advance reservations since the place was so packed so if you want to reserve

  1. A table at Long Beach – https://longbeachseafood.com.sg/reservation/
  2. A table at RVLT – https://book.chope.co/booking?rid=rvlt1711rvlt&source=rest_winervlt.sg

If you’re worried about paying, don’t worry they accept international credit cards!

Watch my Singapore travel film here!

💚, R

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