Universal Studios Singapore (How to go, what to expect)

We went to Universal Studios Singapore the day AFTER I got so drunk from RVLT.

I wasn’t originally planning to go to Universal on a weekend, let alone a Sunday since I didn’t want to squeeze in with people or line up so long for a ride BUT I didn’t have a choice because Universal is closed EVERY MONDAY TO TUESDAY (for now or well for the time that we went).

I suggest that you do check up on their schedules first BEFORE booking your plane tickets because you might not be able to go if you’re planning to do a quick fly-in fly-out trip in Singapore.

Make sure to check their official website so you can be updated with their schedule – https://www.rwsentosa.com/en/attractions/universal-studios-singapore.

under operating hours you can see the view calendar option, feel free to click that part
and you’ll see that they are closed Monday and Tuesday. I was flying out on a Wednesday so I literally did not have a choice but to go on a Sunday since I had already pre-planned my Saturday way before I booked tickets for Universal Studio.
make sure to check specific dates because as you can see they have different times when the park opens and closes

Luckily I could move around my plan during that time since I haven’t booked the tickets for the other places that I wanted to go.

I booked my tickets under Klook, as always!

Book Universal Studio Singapore tickets here: click me

How to go to Universal Studios Singapore:

1. Get down at HarbourFront Station
option lines –

2. Follow signs that will lead you to exit C

view as soon as you get out of exit C
you’ll immediately turn to your right
you’ll see a mall on your immediate right
go inside
follow the sign that says “Sentosa Express”, you’ll ride an escalator to the top floor
Follow the board that says “Welcome to Sentosa”
Go inside!!
and you’ll ride a monorail, you’ll get down the first stop
and all you have to do is follow the signs that will
lead you to Universal Studios Singapore!

You have arrived at your destination.

I’m so glad that I also had SOMH with me, my new favorite napkin because lucky me I had my period the day we went to Universal! 😅 I didn’t have a bad day because it felt like I wasn’t wearing any sanitary pads.
I was surprised there were no lines despite us arriving late at Universal. I was both shocked and worried (worried like everyone might already be inside lining up on rides). I just had to show my bookings from Klook!
I missed youu Universal Studios Singapore!
this was new for me, they even have Starbucks inside!!!
first off my list!
I was so happy that even if I went to Universal on a Sunday most or all “extreme” rides were only at 5-10 minute waiting time!
It was such a good day to RIDE EVERYTHING!

I finished riding everything I wanted early since the wait time was so short so we decided to go around the park since I wanted to re-create some photos 😆.

2022 me
2013 me
2022 me
2013 me
We decided to take a break at Starbucks for some snacks and coffee

in case some of you guys didn’t know, I’m into NCT too!

After we took a break we kinda just walked around and before you knew it we were a bit hungry already.

We went to Mel’s Diner early like around past 5 PM early and IT WAS A GOOD THING!

The park was closing at 6 PM the day when we went to Universal and we didn’t know that you can only enter Mel’s Diner until 5:30 PM like 30 minutes before closing.

We were so lucky we were already inside since they did not accept any more customers who wanted to enter past 5:30 PM.

Our dinner was just burgers and fries

We just took a rest until around I think 5:50 PM since it was the only place that had AC besides Starbucks.

After we had our dinner and some rest time, we decided to just go around and look at the souvenir shop since I apparently have a free $20 worth of retail items included in the ticket I bought.

we wanted to get this but we weren’t willing to pay more just for these headbands
we got matching pouches instead!

all photos were taken using an iPhone / Fujifilm X-T20 18-55 mm

Thank you, Universal Studios! I had a good time despite the heat!

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💚, R

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