3 days itinerary in Squamish + Whistler (1 day Squamish + 2 days Whistler) from Vancouver

If you’re heading to Vancouver during Christmas season, I highly recommend for you to add Squamish and Whistler to your itinerary. It’s definitely a MUST GO!!

First thing my dad and I checked was the lodging prices in Whistler and it was CRAZY EXPENSIVE!!

So, we did some research and computing and settled at the idea of staying at Squamish then taking the bus to Whistler instead (it was cheaper this way).

My family and I decided to allocated and spend Christmas day in Squamish and Whistler.

Day 1 (Whistler)



Day 2 (Whistler)



Day 3 (Squamish)
*this was Christmas day, good decision since there weren’t a lot of people*


There weren’t a lot of posts regarding these places, so I hope my post was helpful to you 💖

The places we’ve visited felt too surreal – especially Sea to Sky Gondola in Squamish. Photos can never give justice to the wonders of this place.

💚, R

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