Fabric (and coats) mall in Shanghai (How to go and what to expect!!)

My dad went here years ago and he was excited to head back because he knows you can get good deals for tailored suits. They have no brands but you can customize them however you want to.

How to go:

get out of Nampu Bridge Station (Line 4, exit 3)
as soon as you get out
turn left
and just keep on walking straight
walk straight but towards the left
just keep on walking
keep on walking straight
you’ll notice this building with a little purple ish peeping from below the bridge
cross the street
and you’ll see this building!!
you have arrived!!!


What to expect:

The place doesn’t just sell fabric, they also sell coats for men and women from formal suits to winter suits/ blazers and trench coats.

They also have scarves and bandanas and much more!! I just took some shots to give you guys an idea.

IMG_5102IMG_5103IMG_5107IMG_5108IMG_5104IMG_5105IMG_5106IMG_5110all photos taken using an iPhone

Will you add this to your itinerary when you head over to Shanghai?

πŸ’š, R

Read more about my Shanghai adventures


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