How to buy train tickets in Shanghai (Step by step guide)

Whenever I go to a country, there is usually an option for you to get a card where you can reload it either in a convenience store or at the train station.

I got shocked when I went back to Shanghai last 2017 because I had to buy a “per trip” ticket since I didn’t have wechat pay or alipay to pay for my trips.

Fast forward to October 2018, I found myself back in Shanghai again so I decided to take down the step by step guide and decided to share it with you guys since you might confused when you’ll be buying tickets.

Step 1: Approach machines that look like this. there will be english words “on service” written on the LED board


Step 2: You will see this as soon as you approach the machine; click english on the upper right


Step 3: After you click English, your screen should look like this


Step 4: On the lower part of the screen, click what Line is the station part of
(Regine’s tip: Do your research before flying to Shanghai – what Line # and Station Name will you ride to reach your destination. Write it on your notes or whichever will help you remember)

After you click your desired Line, the screen will look like this:


Step 5: Click the station nearest your destination.

The screen will then look like this after you selected the station name.

Before paying – select the number of tickets you will purchase (you can select up to 9 pax)


Step 6: Pay the desired amount and wait for the ticket to come out.

The ticket would usually look like this!


all photos taken using an iPhone

Hopefully this guide can help you when you will be travelling to Shanghai!

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